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What are the characteristics of the Chinese Edition for “TimeOut”?

A Chine se Urbanism Bible Win-win cooperation between “TimeOut” Publishing Group and SEEC Media Group Ltd.

The Chinese Edition of "TimeOut" applies world-grade format to provide the Chinese urbanized noble crowd the wellchosen city information, including the richest, most authoritative, most objective and most quality-oriented city life.
It has been highly appreciated in the field and in the mind of readers since it pays attention to the city spirit and the consumption quality.

The 1st publication of “TimeOut” was initiated in 1968 in London.
★A Top Global Media Brand
★A Chief Global Magazine of City Life
★A City Life Bible Praised in the Field

总部位于英国伦敦,创立于19 6 8年,有超过42年的历史,集团的第一本出版物《TimeOut London》在英国享有绝对崇高的城市生活类杂志标杆地位。如今《TimeOut》发行遍及全球近2 0个国家和近10 0个城市。
Being a history for 42 years since its foundation in 1968 with its headquarters located at London, England, “TimeOut London”, the group's first publication, has enjoyed absolutely the lofty leveling banner status among those city life magazines in England. Nowadays, “TimeOut” has been distributed to nearly 20 countries and 100 cities throughout the world.


★高速增长的发行:倍速增长的零售与订阅,加上交通银行等大宗客户的集团征订,使得《T ime O u t》中文版已成为市场发行量最高的高端杂志,而超高的传阅率使得实际的受众面更加广泛。
★优异的行业口碑:《T ime O u t》以其独树一帜的内容赢得媒体同行评选的“PPA”2 0 1 1 年度最佳杂志,如今,京沪两地众多的精英名流都是我们的读者。
★权威的评价机制:我们拥有在各行业内享有盛誉的编辑与专家顾问团队,T i m e O u t 全球统一的六星评价系统不仅是读者消费选择的重要依据,也是有影响力的行业标准。
★High-speed Growth in Issues: The fast growth in times of retail sales and subscription as well as major subscription customers l ike the Communicat ions Bank group has enabled the Chinese Edition of “TimeOut” become the high end magazine issued in highest quantity market and, in addition, the very high rate of circulation perusal has caused a more widespread of numerous actual readers.
★Outstanding Professional Word-of-Mouth: “TimeOut” has had its unique content to win be evaluated as the best magazine of 2011 by the media colleagues at “PPA” and outstandingpersonal celebrities from Beijing and Shanghai have become our readers.
★Author i tat ive Evaluat ion Mechanism: Being highly appreciated by various sectors of editors and expert advisory panels, “TimeOut” has its globally consistent six star rating system which serves not only as an important basis for audience consumption choices, but also an influential industry standard.
★High-qual i t y Reader Data: Forming Reader s ’Club composed of a large number of highly qualified personnel groups, a series of high-quality interactive activities have been held not only to increase the viscosity of readers, but also grasping plenty of high-quality readers’data.
★A Weal th of Resources: Power ful ly featured group background, the cooperation of various media sectors, a wide range of distribution channels and high-level elite resources could be used to take all-round multi-angle interactive activities.
★Flexible Forms of Cooperation: Except for traditional advertising cooperation modes, topics can be implanted with brand ads in each column and the advantages of magazine resources can be used for cooperation in respect to publishing affairs and creative activities in a variety of market-oriented aspects can be carried out.

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